Focuses on safety, technical skills, and best practices for municipal processes and operations as it relates to wastewater systems maintenance.

Wastewater Line Cleaning (24 Hours)

Being able to clear blockages from a wastewater main line is crucial to the smooth running of a municipality’s sewer system. Upon completion of this course the participant will demonstrate a technical knowledge of the concepts, policies and procedures associated with wastewater line cleaning with Vactor equipment including the following topics:

  • How to properly hand rod to clear blockages
  • How to properly and safely use a rodding machine
  • Discussion of Vactor safety guidelines
  • How to properly operate Vactor equipment
  • Discussion of Vactor nozzle selection and operation
  • How to properly suction water or debris
  • How to jet rod with Vactor equipment

Wastewater Process Monitoring (24 Hours)

A video inspection of your wastewater lines is a valuable tool in locating and diagnosing problems in the wastewater pipeline. Video inspections also allow you to gather information about structural conditions, flow characteristics and defects. The topics covered in this course include the following:

  • How to properly insert video camera into manhole invert
  • How to properly operate a video camera and video recorder
  • How to properly remove video equipment from manhole invert
  • The proper procedure for cleaning of camera and lens
  • How to properly catalog and file sewer line video

Wastewater Main Line Service Maintenance (24 Hours)

Upon completion of this course the participant will demonstrate a technical knowledge of the concepts, processes and procedures associated with waste water systems and maintenance, including repairing collapsed main lines, bypass pumping and making mainline service saddle connections. Major topics of discussion include the following:

  • How to identify the existing pipe type
  • How to appropriately determine repair section
  • Discussion of principles of repair under live flow, blocking or bypass
  • How to properly install a sewer plug
  • Discussion of when to use a sewer plug
  • Discussion of when to use bypass pumping
  • How to construct a temporary bypass pumping system
  • How to install a main line saddle connection

Vactor Equipment Operation (8 Hours)

A Vactor truck can be used to carry fresh water to a section of the wastewater or strormwater drainage system for the purpose of cleaning waste and debris from the system waterways.  Vactor turcks may also be sued to vacuum stormwater, wastewater and associated solids. Covered workshop topics include:

  • Vactor equipment safety guidelines
  • Proper and effective operation of the equipment