Program List

We offer classes in the following programs:

Class List

The following is a complete list of classes in each program.

CDL Classes…

Dump Truck Ops and CDL Test Prep


Environmental Awareness Classes

Safety Awareness for Flood Responders

Snow and Ice Management

Think Green: Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Public Works Leadership Classes

DISC Behavior Preferences

Critical Thinking

Collaboration and Teamwork (is this the same as “Developing Teamwork”?)

Ethics for Public Works

Research and Presentation

Project Planning and Management

Resolving Customer Complaints

Public Works Leadership

Heavy Equipment

Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment

Front End Loader

Motor Grader

Rubber Tired Backhoe

Advanced Backhoe


Wheeled Hydraulic Excavator

Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment Overview

Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment (Blended Learning)

Heavy Equipment


Asphalt Maintenance and Repair

Concrete Maintenance and Repair

Drainage Systems Maintenance and Repair

Pavement Crack Repair

Pavement Crack Repair Workshop

Pothole Patching

Right-of-Way Maintenance: Tractor and Mower Safety

Right-of-Way Maintenance Workshop

Troubleshooting Concrete Failure


Wastewater Systems Maintenance and Repair

Vactor Equipment Operation

Wastewater Line Cleaning

Wastewater Main Line Service

Wastewater Process Monitoring

Wastewater Systems Maintenance & Repair

Water Line Systems Maintenance and Repair

Hydrant Maintenance and Repair

Hydrant Repair Workshop

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Workshop

Water Main Line and Service Line Maintenance and Repair

Water Valve Maintenance and Repair

Waterline Systems Maintenance & Repair

Work Zone

Work Zone Traffic Safety and Flagger Awareness Level

Work Zone


Construction Surveying Basics

Safe Rigging Practices

Transport Trailer Safety